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This page is exclusive for existing

J&M Employees.  Get access to your J&M employee account or get training through our employee group forum.

Please note, you will need account passwords to access these pages.  If you do not have your logon information, please contact your department manager to request it.


Your Employee Account gives you access to the following:

  • View & Confirm your Event Assignments

  • View Calendar of Events

  • View Event Details (times/locations/crew)

  • View Client Planning Forms

  • Request Days Off or Vacation Time

  • View your Event Pay

  • View Updates & Notices on Employee Front Page


The employee forum is a collaboration of team members helping each other with the following:

  • Technical Training

  • Common Trouble Shooting Solutions

  • Departmental Discussions

  • Brainstorming & Ideas

  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Feel free to log on and get the help you need from your fellow team members.